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KETEP PASS,enjoy the mountain ring

Ketep Pass is volcanic tourist atrraction situated at Sawangan Sub District, Magelang Regency, Central Java. This mountain resort covers 800 m2 areaand 1200 m over the sea level. Magelang, Salatiga, Boyolali are passable routes. It is 35 km from Boyolali- westward, 32 km from Magelang-southeastward and 30 km from Borobudur Temple-eastward. Visitor can take any vehicles (big bus, mini bus, car, wagon, motor bike) to reach this place.

Ketep Booth of View

Booth of view on Ketep Pass are two gaazebos. The first gazebo is square and 5 m long building.
The second is a rectangular building. Both gazebos are convienent places to see the beautiful landscapes of Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu and gree carpets of ricefield under two vulcanoes while having any kinds of food and beverage sold by some peddlars surrounding.

Ketep Volcano Theatre

The specific building with 78 seats is an interesting places for visitos to watch a documentary film on Mount Merapi's activities such as the history of climbing routes, researc on Puncak garuda and its erupition as well. he film title is Nafas Bumi Merapi (Breath of Merapi's Soil).

Ketep Volcano Centre

It is a vulcanologic museum covering 550 m2 area. This place has a replica of mount Merapi, two interactive computers unit, a 3x3 m poster of Puncak Garuda and a poster of early warning of Mount Merapi's eruption. additionally both computer units contain volcanic documents, some examples of yearly erupted Mount Merapi's stones.

Panca Arga Terrace

Panca Arga means 5 (five) mountains. They are Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Sindhoro, Mount Sumbing and Mount Slamet. Those
mountain encircle Magelang area (This is why they called "Mountain Ring"). Panca Arga Terrace is the highest part of Ketep Pass to see the beautiful landscapes of five mountains when it is fine weather. Mount Andong on the north, Tidar hill on the west, Pring Hill on the south are also visible.

Ketep Pass Restaurant

There are some kinds of food avalaibe and suitable to visitor's apetite. This glass walled restaurant is located on Ketep Volcano Theatre and created as an ideal places to see the beautiful view of Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu while having some delicious food.


It is tangible experince to see the fabolous surrounding of Ketep area with two telescope standing on Panca Arga Terrace an Ketep Booth of View. The familiar service is mainly given to visitors when telescoping.

Ketep situation

Ketep Symbol

Merbabu and Merapi

Mount Merapi

Mount Merbabu
Location of Mount Merapi

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